Effective Paid Advertising Strategy

If you have a small business which is competing with the several leading players in the market, you need effective implementation of PPC ads to get noticed by people out there. This paid search will give make your brand instant fame and will aid in getting huge traffic to your website which in turn gets converted to quality leads. 

How can PPC help to grow your business


It gives instant results as compared to various other techniques like SEO, SMO and SMM. Moreover.  This type
of digital marketing technique will boost the traffic of a website up to a large extent and gives quicker results
than organic SEO. Before understanding how to use PPC efficiently, let’s first have a look at what PPC is.

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If you rely on traditional SEO techniques, it takes a lot of time to get the traffic on the website, and the entire process of lead generation becomes time-consuming. PPC leads here for providing instant traffic for your website. The faster traffic leads to better conversions and thus, smooth expansion of the business. Just after successfully running of a campaign, you will start getting clicks from the people who will move on to your website and thus get converted easily and will lead to business expansion in the long run. Get in touch with Paid Advertisement Specialist to go over your  marketing campaign and budget analysis.


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    What is PPC?

    Pay per click popularly known PPC is a digital marketing advertising technique which is used to bring huge traffic on the websites. It is a paid search advertisement in which advertisers pay the amount when users click an ad. This technique is mainly associated with the various search engines out of which Google-Bing-Face book are the important ones. Here, advertisers mainly bid on particular keywords that are quite specific to target a particular audience. For ex: If we bid on ‘Top coaching centres in XYZ city’ then that keyword will be shown at the top of all the web pages in a search engine. PPC mainly displays ads that are popularly known as PPC ads or banner ads. Websites have the potential to offer PPC ads.



    The cost-benefit ratio is quite high in the case of PPC. PPC is a way of buying buyers on the website to lead more and quicker conversions to increase sales which might take some time organically. Search Engine advertising is a popular form of PPC. Almost all social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn have adopted the concept of PPC. If we advertise on a particular keyword, then each time when a visitor clicks on that ad, we need to pay the search engines a small fee. But as compared to the revenue generated by running a PPC ad, that fee is quite nominal and low. Thus, the cost-benefit ratio is quite high in the case of PPC Ad. But the selection of right keywords and timing also plays a similar role while running a PPC efficiently.


    Types of PPC ads

    Do you have any idea about the potential of running a PPC campaign and how it can effectively impact the growth of your business? Let me provide you with a clear picture. If you spend 1$ on a particular ad, you get 2$ revenue which is an instant profit. Thus, running PPC ads is an excellent way to acquire massive traffic on the website and gets valuable and quality leads, and the cost is PPC is very low. There are 60% more chances of actual conversions from PPC than the organic ways of doing so.

    Let’s have a look at the various Campaigns types which can be successfully run to acquire huge traffic on a website: 

    1. Search Ads

    These are the most common ads which anyone can see at the top of a search engine’s results. You might have noticed the word “ad” in the top results of your search engine. Haven’t you? This is nothing but a PPC ad. To create search ads, you need to chose the keywords on which you at to run that ad. Keywords trigger the ad and impart higher-visibility instantly in various search engines. From the keyword’s point of view, it has been seen that usage of long-tail keywords bear better results than the short-tail keywords due to less competition and bidding price. Long-tail keywords contain two or more words and thus are called the long tail. These words drive instant leads as compared to the other keywords. 

    Selection of proper keywords, you need to enter an auction for bidding your ad’s placement. You need to set up the maximum bid and this bid amount is nothing but the amount you need to pay when each time your ad will get clicks from the users. Thus, it is the quality score combined with the amount of bid which determines the placement of your ad and it is the relevancy of your keywords which assess the acquisition of traffic. 

    2. Display Ads

    These are other ads apart from search ads through which you can reach your audience and compel them to reach your website. Unlike search ads, these ads come up with visuals apart from text. Through these ads, you can target a specific section of people who are interested in your product/service and who keep on visiting the websites having the same niche as yours. Even the setting up of display ads is same as the search ads and thus does not require much time or any particular expertise. Again here you need to select the bid amount which you will pay for getting more clicks. The most significant difference is the approval of Google. Google will first approve your ad copy for effective running, and you need to abide by the Google ad’s image requirements to follow the guidelines laid down by Google. Next step involves the selection of the industry-specific sites where you want your ads to be run for getting the leads. Here the only key is to choose the relevant websites to reach the targeted audience. If you are looking out for an option which can imprint your brand or service, Display ads provide you with that opportunity and will help people to discover your brand better.

    3. Social Ads

    This is the third category of ads which are the most popular types of paid advertising techniques. These ads mainly appear in Social media feeds and thus capture the attention of social media lovers who are present on these platforms. Therefore, it imparts a better way to connect with Social media users. To begin with social ads, you need to select the platform for which you want to run the ad. Since there are multiple platforms out there; you need to very specific about the one: 


    All these different platforms for ads are widely used by the various companies out there to run their ads and thus to engage a large number of people with their brands/services. For this, you need to research about your targeted audience and which platform they usually visit. It will help you capture their attention very quickly and thus will gain some fruitful outcome instead of randomly targeting any platform. Social media ads are target-oriented and thus proves to be highly efficient as compared to the other two discussed above. If you specifically want to run an ad on facebook, you can target people based on location, demography, behaviour, interest, etc. and thus the way you will be able to reach the targeted leads in a minimal amount of time. Thus, these ads can be regarded as the best lead generating PPC ads from the point of lead generation. 

    4. Re-marketing Ads

    For re-engaging the audience, you can run remarketing ads which are very powerful for getting the already engaged ads. You might have noticed that there are lots of people who come to your website, but the actual conversion hardly takes place sometime. They either don’t; get converted because of their understanding of your product/service or any other factor. Thus, in that case, you have almost lost a lead. Thus, with this type of ad, you can remarket your product or service so that those people can consider again and you can get a quality lead. For setting up of remarketing ad, you need a Google remarketing code also known as a tracking pixel. You can easily add this pixel to your campaign with great ease and can thus get the optimum conversions. It will help you to know the landing page on your targeted audience sits so that can take adequate steps which are informed and can get you best results. These types of ads must be run when you know that the targeted audience already knows about your brand or service.

    1.00% CTR

    22% Less CPA

    303% ROI

    5. Google Shopping

    These are other ads which you can efficiently utilize for getting the optimum results. You might have noticed ads above the main search results in a carousel format. It gives the users a greater comfort to see the product in no time. These ads provide the users an opportunity to see the same products of different companies. To run this ad, you will start with Google shopping ad and then start a new campaign in your Google ads account and eventually can run the ad by choosing Shopping as your type. You need to fill certain information like name, amount of bid, budget and many more things to run this ad. Through your ad, the customers can have an overview of your product and thus gets a better idea about it. They can check the price as well as the name of the company and can instantly compare the two products easily. This format is one of eth best PPC models because it gives the users an idea before even clicking on it. They get to know the brand and its price. Thus, if these two things suit them and are in their interest, you will get an instant lead. 

    6. Local Service Ads

    Local service ads are very much specific and thus help in driving local traffic. It is a particular type of PPC ads and is restricted to a few markets. 

         You can run a Local service ad if your business if one among the following types:

    1. HVAC companies
    2. Electricians
    3. Plumbing services
    4. Garage
    5. Locksmiths

    You can easily set up local ads which are quite different from traditional ads and can help in boosting your revenue up to a large extent. For setting up of these ads, you need to first sign up as a service provider, set up your budget and then start your ad on Google. These ads generally appear in Local queries and thus have a great role to play in overall local lead generation. They are even better Local SEO in terms of output.

    7. Gmail Sponsored Promotions

    With these, you can reach in the inbox of your targeted audience. These usually appear at the top of a user’s mailbox. These look other ads, but the critical difference is that the word “ad” is missing in these promotions. Moreover, people can see these ads on mobile as well as desktop. For setting them up, you need to set up your goals, type of campaigns and effective targeting. Google will charge each time when someone opens the mail, but there are no charges further after opening the mail. Thus, it another efficient way of reaching the targeted audience quickly. 

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