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Today is an era of digitalization. People are getting modern and prefer to purchase most of their stuff via online mode. More and more people have purchased smartphones these days and prefer to surf via it. They do a lot of organic search over the internet regarding various things. Studies reveal that from the past five years around 70% of people have started using Internet and this number will surely in the upcoming years. 


But have you have ever bothered when you search something on Google, how the websites are arranged in a sequence? Why some websites are ranked on the front page and why others are on the next pages? Do you have any idea about this? Ok, let me explain to you all the stuff in a precise crystal method. The answer to this question lies in a technique called SEO. Let’s dig more into it. 

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Thus we have what SEO is, it’s types and how it can be effectively utilized to make the brand more renowned and popular. Then we have seen its several advantages and applications which we can use in our day to day life. Apart from this, Local SEO and local listings are also recognised by us who play a similar role. Thus, you can utilize SEO for making the things more achievable as compared to the traditional marketing techniques. SEO is trending in the market and therefore, can be effectively used by every individual for a business owner to get a significant boost and to get conversions. Thus, utilize this opportunity to get the things accessible at your disposal, and this can be achieved by our team, “Migaloz”

Great Monitoring Tool

It requires constant monitoring of the HTML code, the content and these factors to do on-page SEO. Moreover, the technique to correct the on-page SEO is known as SEO audit. It includes frequent monitoring and regular structuring the website leading to fruitful results and thus makes sense in SEO. Moreover, it consists of an in-depth analysis of the website regarding where it is lagging to get a better picture.

How to Optimize for Google?

There are various ranking factors which Google uses. It is not possible to remember all of them, but yes we should learn some of them to get a better understanding of how it works. 

Before that, we should what precisely the word keyword is? See keyword is nothing but the names by which our web pages get ranked on Google. 

One of the most important things is that Google ranks pages and not websites. Thus different web pages of the website can rank on different keywords. For ex: If you have a business in the coaching centre and your site. Then it doesn’t mean that each web page will rank for the keyword “best coaching centre”. However, you can use separate keywords for separate pages. 

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. As the word Optimization suggests means it optimizes a website on a search engine. It is a method to increase the quantity as well as quantity of traffic on the site directly. SEO is an organic search method and can be done on any search engine like Bing, Google, etc. SEO is one of the types of Online Marketing apart from SMO and PPC. Now the second question that immediately is the relevance of SEO i.e. why it is essential? Nearly 70% traffic generates through SEO search engines. So, to get several visitors, it becomes crucial for us to perform SEO. 


Check Backlinks

Google values every backlink and thus considers each backlink as a vote. Therefore, the equation is quite simple. More the number of backlinks more are the chances of higher ranking. There are various techniques by which one can achieve this, which I will discuss more in Off-page optimization. But the quality of backlinks impacts more than its quantity.

Page Speed

It shows how fast a page loads and is one of the leading ranking factors on mobile as well as desktop. If the website takes too much time for loading, it eventually leads to dissatisfaction on the part of users and Google dislikes it. Thus it should be improved to optimize the content better on the internet as no one likes to stay and wait for a page loading for more than two minutes. 

Best Keyword Ranking

Keyword research plays a significant role in making the website renowned and well known. If it is not done with efficiency, it will do more harm than good. It is the sole factor for boosting the ranking of a website. There are several tools to check out the best keyword that is trending in the market. But we need to use only one and need not rely on all the devices. It is quite useful in terms of a direct impact on leads generation. It profoundly affects the ranking of a website and thus is very important from SEO’s point of view. 

Quality of Content

This is again the most critical factors which affect the ranking of website severely and thus should not be ignored. Content should be easy to read and must be unique. The plagiarism mainly affects the ranking of the site and pushes it back in the search engine. More accessible the content is, more are the chances of better reach and thus greater ranking. The plagiarism should be strictly prohibited to get the best results. The uniqueness of the content gives it a certification for better ranking. 

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