How to generate leads 

How to generate leads 


Now it’s time to understand how to generate leads in some simple steps:

  1. First of all, a visitor discovers your product/service through any mode, such as via your website/blog, social media marketing, or through any marketing hack used to engage visitors.
  2. Then the visitor is further engaged by clicking on the call to action (CTA), which is an image, button, or a message compelling the visitors to take immediate action.
  3. CTA takes a visitor to the landing page, i.e., the web page of your business, which should be best in terms of looks and design to attract the person.
  4. Here on the landing page, visitors fill out the form in exchange for an offer (which can be content or something valuable offering specific value to the customer), and thus you have a new lead.


So, this was a gist of lead generation. Let’s understand in detail how efficiently leads are generated and how to reach a large number of people out there.

We have seen that for generating a lead, the visitors must come to the landing page of our website. But for achieving this feat, we need some effective marketing channels.

But what exactly we need to promote our landing page?


There are several ways to get a lead. Let’s see some of the essential types of lead generation methods.


  1. Content: It is one of the best ways to guide several visitors towards a landing page. Mainly you can create a quality and value-enriched content that is useful for the visitor and can include CTAs anywhere in between the content. Thus, eventually, it all depends on the uniqueness as well as the usefulness of the content, which can compel a visitor to click on a CTA button or image (whatever you have used). It is only the quality content that makes the website ready for SEO and higher ranking. Content is not restricted to only blog posts. It could be a white paper, any video, an attractive image, or an e-book.


  1. Email Marketing: Email marketing is growing at a very rapid pace. It involves sending emails to the people out there and telling them about your product or service. It falls into the category of affordable lead generation. But sending emails to the people who have already subscribed to your product is the key here. On the other hand, sending emails to random guys is of no use. Because sending an email to a random person will not enchant him/her to get the product/service. While on the other hand, if you will send an email to a person who already knows your brand, there is a very high probability of successful conversion. Emails should be compelling and must include CTAs and eye-catching explanations about your brand. Studies have shown that personalized email marketing helps in increasing the revenue up to six times.


  1. Ads: Itinvolves an investment of money, which has a significant impact on the people. It will eventually compel the visitors to take action. But if you successfully want to convert, make sure that the landing page of your business and offer must match what you have already promised. Thus, creating attractive ads can have a significant impact on lead generation. Running ads on Facebook will help in generating Facebook leads, which have a vast potential to become customers.


 Blog: A blog is compelling when it comes to attracting people in the market. It impacts the minds of the visitors and engages them efficiently. A blog post written with much care and efficiency brings higher results at the end of the day and is very useful in terms of CTAs.


  1. Social Media: Today, almost everyone possesses a smart phone and is active on at least two social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Social media makes it crystal clear for the people whether they like the product/service or not. It attracts them towards CTAs. Thus, social media acts as the best promotional media to aware of a large number of people about the product/service. Efficiently running of various social media campaigns is the real part of lead generation. One such is Facebook ads, which can generate quality leads for you. Through Fb ads, you can specifically target and thus reach the required audience and can drive several leads. LinkedIn lead generationcomes under social media marketing and helps a lot in lead generation.



  1. Product trails: This is one of the trending ways to get a lead. In this method, you get the people to take benefits of your product/service at free of cost. Thus, they get used to your product and know better about it. So, you can further attract them to get a paid subscription or version with additional benefits and features. This helps in breaking down a lot of barriers in the way of reaching potential clients for smooth business expansion.


  1. Referral Marketing: It is another effective way to generate more leads. It represents the word of mouth marketing where people refer your product to their near and dear ones. By this approach, your brand reaches number of people, and thus chances of getting more are leads is always there. Doing partnerships with other small business owners is a type of referral marketing.


  1. SEO optimization: Investing your money effectively on the various SEO strategies can help in bringing your web page on the top page of a search engine. In this way, a lot of people get to know about your brand or service, and thus organic search automatically does the work of a lead generation. It is a cost-effective strategy and can be implemented quickly to get a lot of leads. It is one of the best methods to generate leads online.



  1. Creating a free tool: It helps in attracting a lot of visitors by providing them something valuable free of cost. It could be anything like a calculator, chart analysis, or any template. As this is a fast-moving world, everyone is looking out for something shortcut to get the job done at ease. Thus your free tool will pave a path to get more valuable traffic at your disposal. But you need to add CTA without miss anywhere in between your tool.


  1. Webinar:Gone are the days when people need to personally attend the meet-ups for knowledge or awareness about a particular thing. It is a digital era. Thus, hosting a webinar will get you more leads. Hosting lots of webinars have a direct impact on the minds of buyers, and these compel them to use your product/service. Webinars do the dual purpose. First of all, you get to aware of your brand to a large number of people, and secondly, you can post them on your blog later on to get the utmost benefits.


  1. Cold calling: Smart cold calling proves to be quite useful for the best lead generation. Cold calling must be in sync with the ongoing marketing activities. It involves sustaining the call and taking appropriate follow-ups. While calling, being relevant about the product/service and a professional approach helps a lot in generating a lead positively.



  1. Coupons and Discounts offer: Generating coupons of your service helps a lot in free lead generation. You need first to create them and distribute them to the people in the market by any mode online or traditional. Similarly, providing attractive discounts to the people also entice them to become a customer.



So far, we have seen what lead generation exactly is and how we can generate leads to expand our business.


Now let’s discuss specifically some sectors in which we can generate leads:


  1. Real Estate:Generating leads in the real estate sector involves doing a partnership with other local businesses. Getting in touch with bankers, insurance companies, lenders, brokers, and cleaning service providers will help a lot in real estate lead generation. Because all these are interlinked with the real estate in some manner. The second way to get quality leads is through paid advertising. It may include running ads on LinkedIn and Facebook. Answering questions on real estate on various forums like quora, medium equally helps in lead generation. Having your real estate website and running Google ads on it will instantly provide results. Developing a specific niche for you will give ultimate help i.e., whether you are dealing with commercial properties or residential ones.


  1. Lead Generation in the Hospitality Industry: This sector needs a different approach to generate leads. The first way to pick your phone and start calling until you get someone. If it is possible, try to arrange face to face meet-ups for optimizing the lead. It will help in making a relationship with the people and will give a personal touch and will simplify the entire process. Providing specific service-oriented packages at affordable prices is the key to get the deal done at ease. This is a booming industry and thus has a lot of potentials to get quality clients all across the globe.


  1. Lead generation for dentists: Being a dentist brings its own sets of pros and cons. But to compete in the market, it becomes necessary for the dentists to generate leads through various techniques. One such method is search engine optimization. If you have your website ranked on some high-density keywords, a half part is done. You will automatically start getting leads from your built website. The second way is to run PPC ads, which will help in getting instant leads. Taking the help of social media campaigns can further add icing on the cake and will enhance the number of leads. Social media ads and promotions will make people aware of your dental service and will compel them to utilize it when required. Local SEO will help in acquiring all the local leadsand will give the utmost benefit in terms of business expansion.


  1. Lead Generation for Software companies: The software market is highly competitive and is filled with huge IT giants apart from several start-ups. So, lead generation becomes quite vital in this sector. For this, you can do more blog posts. It will help others recognize your services, whether it is software development or app development. Here again having a website is crucial for meeting the essential requirement of reaching people. After making an attractive website, the next step is to do SEO of the site to get to the top page of a search engine. Even paid ads marketing will efficiently work in this case.


  1. Lead Generation in manufacturing: Competition is at its peak in the manufacturing sector due to excess supply and deficit of demand. So, lead generation is quite necessary. Adding your business to the various online directories is the essential requirement to get leads. Organizing events from time to time, which involves face to face interaction, is another aspect that helps in getting a lot of leads. Taking frequent follow up will make the entire process more smooth and easy for generating a new lead. If a visitor has left his information, it becomes your duty to call him personally to entice him towards the service/product. Updating valuable content will help equally in this regard and will generate plenty of leads.


  1. Lead Generation in the travel business: Generating leads is significant to stay competitive in the market. There are various ways to do so. Word of mouth works automatically in this business. Most of the customers you will get are due to the referrals of the already existing customers. The second aspect is a well-designed website. An efficiently designed website with an attractive theme will entice the visitors and will prompt them to become your client. Giving incentives for referring your services to others will also work out up to a lot of extents. Having a youtube channel for your niche-specific services in travel business will eventually help people to recognize what exactly you are offering.


  1. Lead Generation for Online business: Due to the booming of the internet for the past decade, people have recognized the importance of doing business online. The first and foremost aspect that works here is the creation of an attractive website and its optimization. Thus, utilizing digital marketing strategies will help a lot in this regard. Inserting a CTA button in the quality-oriented valuable content is another way to get leads. Moreover, leads can be generated by guest post strategy. Posting guest posts on the websites having the niche as same as you will direct the traffic o your website. Once the visitors have come to your website, it is the effect of the website, which can bring fruitful leads in the long run. Later on, nurturing the lead is equally important to maintain the client.


  1. Lead Generation for E-commerce: E-commerce has entirely revolutionized the market. People of any class prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes. But due to the availability of a large number of e-commerce websites, it becomes tough to get leads. One of the solutions is to create a niche-specific website. Suppose you are selling shoes, instead of making a website selling all the products make a website which focuses on shoes only. It will give your website recognition in the market and eventually will generate leads. Due to enormous competition even on a niche-specific website, running PC ads is the key to break the monopoly of giants out there.


Tools to manage leads and track leads activity

Now we have acquired a lead; it becomes necessary to manage it and to track it frequently to get the optimum benefits. There are plenty of lead generation tools in the market to choose from. But the best tool is the one that comes at an affordable rate and providing free package up to some extent. One should go with a tool offering the analytics to gauge where the leads are coming. For example, Google Analytics is a tool that helps in seeing the traffic and its source. Thus, the only need is to use the excellent lead generation tools which can manage the lead efficiently.


After the generation of a lead, lead nurturing is also essential. There are various ways by which we can make the customers come back again and again.


  1. Staying in touch: Getting in touch with the clients helps a lot in every aspect. It involves sending email letters, special incentives, and connections on social media. Thus, constant contact gives a personal touch to the customers, and he stays with you for a long time.


  1. Have the person for customer support: Having the best product won’t help much if you have hired a person who is not getting engaged properly. Always try to invest time and energy on the desired staff for getting the best results, and this will eventually boost the business.


  1. Listening effectively: Whenever your client gives any feedback, it becomes your responsibility to heed attention to his/her words carefully. Asking for feedback is another strategy to engage the customer with your product for a longer duration.


  1. Appreciate: Expressing gratitude towards the customer seems to be a minute act, but it has a direct impact on the heart o the customer. Sending thanks, you note will eventually make your relationship healthy with the customer and will ultimately help you.

Thus, we have learned what lead generation is, how it leads can be acquired, and how to maintain the leads to make the customer a recurring one. Moreover, we have seen some lead generation techniques for some specific sectors. It gives a clear idea that generating quality leads plays a vital role in this competitive market to expand the business. Thus if you have just started up, you might feel the need for a lead generation service provider to get optimum leads to skyrocket your business.


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